Hello and Happy New Year! I really wanted to share some photos from the last couple of months by way of a little catch up. I’ve been taking Sara Tasker’s new e-course Gloom & Glow which has really helped me see the magic in these dark and gloomy days and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of getting out into the fresh air in search of photographs (and also hiding indoors with my fairy lights and blankets). Continue reading



Easy to learn, difficult to master.

A couple of weeks back my good friend Anna and I spent a fun (if somewhat chilly) day at The Handmade Fair where we learned how to block print with The Arty Crafty Place! Continue reading




I finished this dress in a three night sewing frenzy back in April when a good friend’s Birthday party (and the promise of a child free night of dancing) gave me the urge for something 60’s and shiny to jump around in.

The fabric is another House of Hackney sample sale bargain (from the same trip that yielded my Leonine A-line skirt). It’s been hanging about in my stash for far too long as I’ve been too intimidated by it’s beauty to cut into it. The detail and texture of the fabric is incredible – the black background is lush and smooth whilst the palmeral print is picked out in tiny green and metallic stitches. Different sized stitches give the palm leaves an amazing depth – it would be a shame to save this fabric for the evening really as you can appreciate the detail better under natural light.

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From left to right: Pattern from a 1960’s Polish coffee cup, Swedish illustrator Ingela P Arrhenius, illustration by Amy Blay, interiors and still  life photographer Joanna Henderson, tea-towel available from Hummingbird Factory via Etsy, vintage art via The Animalarium, interiors and still life photographer Joanna Henderson, antique Dala horse, linocut print ornaments found via design blog Du Abu.

Lots of colourful, Scandinavian style folk art has been catching my eye on Pinterest this week! It must be from sewing with all these fun printed jersey fabrics from Europe for Orla 🙂 I love some of the simple screen printed shapes that use just one or two colours – screen printing is definitely on my to-do list for next year. Also check out the lino cut print Christmas decorations on the bottom right! I think next year might be all about printing for me. I love the cheerful, painted furniture too – especially when mixed with Scandi style embroidered textiles!