This quick-to-make bow scrunchie is the perfect sewing project for using up fabric scraps or up-cycling a favourite garment that’s on it’s last legs. You could rock a different one every day of the week or make one to match all your favourite outfits. This DIY bow scrunchie also makes the perfect present – you could give them as holiday gifts for your entire class, make matching ones for your #girlsquad bachelourette party or use them as stocking fillers!

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It’s been a while since I sewed a new garm so I’m excited to share some photos of my finished bomber jacket today! The pattern is, of course, the Rigel Bomber by Papercut Patterns – a simple, unlined bomber jacket with welt pockets. I chose a pink sweatshirt fabric (rather more lurid than these photos make it appear…) as I wanted something warm, comfy and easy to care for. Also, since it’s super cosy, fleece backed sweat-shirting, I thought it might be nice to see the contrast in texture on the inside of the jacket.

I learned a couple of things while working on this project. One thing, which is blindingly obvious in hindsight, is that (of course) if you choose to make details like ribbing, zips and welt pockets in a contrasting colour then any imperfections will stick out like a sore thumb. But if I stand at a jaunty angle like this then perhaps you won’t notice 😉 The other is that although this is a simple enough jacket pattern, jackets are inherently more difficult than dresses as they don’t look ‘pretty’ in-and-of themselves and don’t ‘spark joy’ in quite the same way. Also there are more straight lines and corners to match up so if something is slightly off then it’s harder to sort of ‘use the force’ and ease on down the road and lose the excess in the side seams (or wherever – hope it’s not just me that sews like this!).

I’m hoping this will be a good addition to my day to day getup, especially once the temperature drops a little more. I’m already planning a silk version for work but think I might try lining it this time – and maybe skip the pockets to save myself a whole load of time (and a little bit of heartache – my overlocker chewed up two side panels as I tried to make the inside of the pocket situation look neater). Thinking about the pockets just then made my heart feel all heavy and then it hit me – making jackets feels a lot more like ‘tailoring’ and a lot less like ‘dressmaking’ – more mathematical somehow with fewer nice, curved seams and pretty necklines. One thing I have realised though is that I desperately need to sew more every-day things so perhaps jackets are something I’ll come to enjoy more with practice?

One last thing (to do with my upside down feet). Long story short, my tripod is broken. I really wanted to show off these trainers which are by New Balance though as they just go so well with the jacket – what a coincidence 😉




I finished this dress in a three night sewing frenzy back in April when a good friend’s Birthday party (and the promise of a child free night of dancing) gave me the urge for something 60’s and shiny to jump around in.

The fabric is another House of Hackney sample sale bargain (from the same trip that yielded my Leonine A-line skirt). It’s been hanging about in my stash for far too long as I’ve been too intimidated by it’s beauty to cut into it. The detail and texture of the fabric is incredible – the black background is lush and smooth whilst the palmeral print is picked out in tiny green and metallic stitches. Different sized stitches give the palm leaves an amazing depth – it would be a shame to save this fabric for the evening really as you can appreciate the detail better under natural light.

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I’ve been loving Me Made May (the annual handmade wardrobe wearing challenge organised by So, Zo…What do you know?) so far – seeing everyone’s outfit pictures each day on Instagram is so inspiring! I’ve pledged to wear all of my handmade things at least once before the month is out. I’m hoping to get a better idea of where the gaps in my handmade wardrobe are and (thanks to everyone else’s brilliant outfit pics) get some ideas for how to fill them! It’s so easy to always be thinking of the next project and getting excited about that so I’m looking forward to focussing on the things I’ve already made and showing them some love.

I’ll be posting the odd outfit photo over on Instagram – come and say hello! At the end of the month I’ll share my roundup of the highs and lows of my handmade wardrobe journey so far.

Are you taking part in Me Made May? Say hello 🙂 The pic above is an oldie but a goodie – my much beloved (and now somewhat careworn) Tilly & The Buttons ‘Coco’ as photographed by the beautiful Hannah – go take a peek at her gorgeous photo blog!



A few weeks ago the lovely people at Nominette kindly reached out to offer me some custom made woven labels! Nominette are a Belgium company who have been making woven labels since 1920 – you can order your own custom labels along with name tapes, childrens ID bands and cute printed ribbon via their English website here!

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I’m currently trying to shoehorn as much knitting as possible into my already busy evenings before the temperature plummets like it’s been threatening to do this last week. I’ve had this gorgeous jumper on the needles since last Christmas (for shame!) so it’s well overdue. Looking forward to sharing some more progress soon – I’m nearly at the good bit! The pattern is called Meredith and is from the Rowan Tweed book.

As always, I seem to be juggling several crafty projects at the same time which means that progress in all areas isn’t as quick as it should be. Never mind – I’m looking forward to being able to share more exciting news soon!