I’m passionate about all things handmade – from preserves to pottery and everything in between. Taking raw materials and turning them into something new feels like magic to me and I think it’s something everyone should try. I’m endlessly fascinated by old craft techniques and love nothing more than to curl up for hours with books about the history of knitting (or macrame, or plant dying, or candle making) because they’re actually about the history of people – what their lives and homes were like, what mattered to them, how they juggled resources and managed their time or celebrated and showcased their skills.

I aspire to creating a ‘home-made home’ and this blog is where I share some of my journey in the hope that it might inspire others to try making something too. I love trying out new craft techniques and making useful things for my home – sometimes I make tutorials so that you can make them too. My tutorials are perfect for beginners who have that itch to make something but don’t know where to begin. They’re also great for those with more experience who don’t want to spend ages figuring out how to go about creating something like a tea cosy or zipper pouch and want to skip straight to getting creative, taking my design and making something all their own. My craft tutorials aren’t necessarily quick to make but they are clearly explained and simple to follow.

I grew up in Surrey, England and currently live in the South Bay, Los Angeles with my husband, our two daughters and our fur babies.

Hang out with me daily on Instagram or drop me a line at chloe.m.mullaney@gmail.com

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