I grew up in a cosy, happy home in Surrey with my Mum who spent her days baking home made bread and her nights working as an illustrator, listening to the shipping forecast while I was tucked up in bed. Surrounded by my Mum’s art materials, every spare moment of my childhood was spent cutting, gluing, painting, sewing and sticking. Nothing was off limits whether it was lino cutting tools, print rollers, paint brushes or my Grandmother’s sewing machine. Mess simply didn’t matter – in our house creativity was Queen! At school I did textiles GCSE and I think it was this that made me want to get serious about my sewing skills and I have been hooked ever since!

Now aged 30, I live back in my old home town with my husband Ciaran, boisterous toddler daughter Orla and Toby Cat. I love to design pretty, practical things for my home and provide a friendly helping hand so that you can make them too! I believe that the therapeutic and uplifting process of making something with your own two hands is something everyone should try. My tutorials are perfect for the beginner with basic sewing skills who knows they want to make something but doesn’t know where to begin! They’re also great for those with more experience who don’t want to spend ages figuring out how to go about creating something like a tea cosy or zipper pouch and want to skip straight to getting creative, taking my design and making something all their own. My DIY projects don’t cut corners or provide a ‘quick fix’ but are simple and easy to follow.

From 2010 to 2015 I documented my life, loves and crafting journey on the blog Stone Cold Comfort. This gave me the opportunity to really find my style when it comes to designing tutorials. My work has been published in Love Sewing magazine issues 1 and 3. Past collaborations include the Liberty Craft Blog, Laura Ashley Blog and Amazon. If you would like to get in touch regarding a bespoke project for your website or publication drop me a line!


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