Hello and Happy New Year! I really wanted to share some photos from the last couple of months by way of a little catch up. I’ve been taking Sara Tasker’s new e-course Gloom & Glow which has really helped me see the magic in these dark and gloomy days and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of getting out into the fresh air in search of photographs (and also hiding indoors with my fairy lights and blankets).

I’ve got a good feeling about this year. Now that Emily is one I feel as though I’ve come up for air again and have a little more control and predictability in my life. Like I can actually start to make plans and think clearly about the projects I want to undertake this year.
First up is a little block printing. I’m working up towards hopefully making a roman blind for the dining room (which will be my first foray into blind making and sounds frighteningly technical) but for now am just experimenting with this beautiful (and enormous) wooden printing block that my Dad sweetly brought me back as a gift from South Africa where he was working for most of last year. It’s so exciting seeing how the pattern matches up and repeats – it sort of takes on a life of it’s own and is so different from printing with stand-alone printing blocks (of which you can see my first ever attempt here). I still have so much to learn with block printing but feel inescapably drawn to it! I’ll share more of the process for this project here soon.
I think that’s my word for 2018 actually – process. It’s something I want to keep in mind when I’m getting stressed by the mess and occasional (ok more than occasional) chaos at home. Child rearing and home making is a process. Ciaran and I have finally accepted that were not going to be living in a clean and tidy house for a while. Instead I’m going to focus on the process – making things with my hands that make our home better. What are your creative plans for this year? Is there a craft you would love to try or a project that you want to tackle?

2 thoughts on “GLOOM & GLOW (AND PLANS FOR 2018!)

    1. Thank you so much – that is so encouraging. It’s easy to look at your own work and see only what is lacking so it’s amazing to have feedback like this ❤


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