vintage-baby-knits-floyd-pullover-3I’m just popping in this morning to share a little glimpse of a 1930’s style jumper I’ve been working on for Emily…The pattern is the Floyd Pullover from Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren. It has a drop-shoulder and boat-neck plus a cute-but-subtle diamond pattern at the hem and yolk which I love. A jumper this small should really take a matter of weeks but of course I stop, start and drag the whole thing out doing a little here and there (and then setting it aside for ages). This is ok though and all part of the knitting process (for me at least).

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the good-for-the-soul nature of some crafts and knitting has got to be right up there for therapeutic benefits. For me, part of the enjoyment is the slightly meditative quality of hand knitting and the way that keeping the hands busy somehow clears and focuses the mind. The tactile quality of the materials is also really important to me – I love working with natural wool and bamboo needles best of all (though for this project it’s the plain old steel size 5s again). Here I’m using a beautiful mustard coloured yarn by West Yorkshire Spinners – it’s not the softest yarn (sorry Emily!) but I’m hoping it will wear better than some of the softer, stretchier (and saggier) brands.

I’m fully embracing all things cosy and comforting at the moment and have swapped knitting in front of Netflix for knitting in bed with a cup of herbal tea (at least a little bit of the time). It feel so good to have a night off screens every now and then. I like listening to Podcasts while I knit (Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker always leaves me feeling motivated and inspired) but can see myself getting into audiobooks as the nights draw in – do you have any recommendations?

In other news, I’ve been enjoying hunting for squashes and gourds at various greengrocers and market stalls this month. I picked up these two beauties (below) at my local veg stand but am still on the hunt for the elusive white pumpkins of Instagram (do people just paint them white? Probably!). I’ve tried to make a ‘Nature Table’ on top of an old chest of drawers as a place to put these seasonal treasures so that Orla and Emily can take it all in. Currently the squashes are accompanied by an enormous bowl of conkers and a dish full of wizened acorns. I do love this time of year so much – a grey, drizzly day feels so cosy and full of promise whereas the same weather in March feels brutal. It must be that cavewoman bit of the brain telling me to gather and preserve and make good before Winter comes. I particularly love watching this season unfold on Instagram – seeing what Autumn looks like in different parts of the world but also spotting the similarities. Virginia Creeper seems to be creeping into every other photo at the moment as well as over the back of my fence. I have been toying with the idea of a regular Instagram blog post so I can share some of the accounts I’ve been enjoying following (and maybe a few hashtags too?). Watch this space and in the meantime you can find me on Instagram at @ChloeMullaneyUK



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