Flower crowns always bring a smile to my face – probably because they remind me of summer and festivals! Making one from fresh flowers is the perfect way to add some seasonal colour to a photo like this and a great way to put your fading bunch of flowers to use. This was a spur of the moment DIY earlier in the week when I found myself with a bunch of chamomile flowers, a free hour and a sunny garden to work in…


Flowers of your choice (a multi headed flower works best)

Wire (I used a couple of lengths of green sugar flower wire from my cake baking days)

Florists tape




Step 1: If you’re using pre-cut lengths of wire like me then you will probably need to connect two together. To do this, twist the ends together then fold them down. Wrap florists tape tightly over the twisted wire, making sure that any sharp ends are well covered. To make the crown adjustable (so you can fit it to your models head before securing the ends) hold the two free ends of wire together then secure with a little florists tape wound around itself. You should now be able to slide the wires to make the crown larger or smaller!


Step 2: Take a spray of flowers and secure to the flower crown with florists tape. I think the chamomile flowers work well because they split off in lots of directions and create quite a soft effect. You can change the look of the flower crown by taping the flowers quite close to the flower heads or keeping them looser – have a play around and see what you prefer.

Tip: Try alternating the directions of the flowers to avoid having them all facing the same way.

Step 3: Work along the wire, taping the flowers down to gradually fill out the flower crown. I knew I would just be using mine for a photo shoot so only filled half the crown. The rest of the bunch is still sitting on my dining table looking cheery!


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