A few days before I went into full blown labour with Emily I was looking for a sewing project to keep my mind occupied and found this tutorial for a tissue box cover by Brett Bara on Design Sponge…

I decided to make two, thinking that  this was probably two more than I needed but grateful for the distraction. Well it turns out that I am a total tissue box cover convert! The tutorial is simple, satisfying and a great way to make your box of tissues not be a hideous eyesore. Best of all, I learned a great new technique to create these sharp, 3D corners!



Those who follow me on Instagram might have seen some of my process videos on Instagram stories (if you do follow me make sure to say hi so I can check out your profile). l loved sharing my experience of the project as I went along and getting everyones feedback – I’m thinking that a long overdue foray into the world of YouTube might be on the cards?


Back to the tissue box covers – I chose two of my favourite Liberty Print fabrics from my stash (Betsy in teal and Clare Aude in yellow) to create a sweet, feminine look but would love to see them in a more contemporary fabric next time (and there will definitely be a next time). Thank you to Brett Bara and Design Sponge for the great tutorial!


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