Today is officially my due date with bambino number two…

It’s a funny time of waiting – the flat is upside down because we’re preparing to move in a couple of weeks and no one has done any cleaning since before Christmas but strangely I still feel ready. I had sort of assumed that my second pregnancy would feel slightly less special than the first but I was so wrong! Although the last nine months have flown by and I definitely haven’t had as much time to focus on this bump, it’s been nice not having it occupy every waking thought. When I was pregnant with Orla I felt a bit like my life was on hold for nine months and I was just counting down the days to the next midwife appointment, scan or other milestone. Now that day to day life is so busy with our darling girl I haven’t noticed the waiting around part, just the highlights!

Still the last few days of pregnancy are always a funny place to be. The day before I went into hospital with Orla to be induced I sat and sewed a hot water bottle cover to keep my mind occupied and today I have just put the finishing touches to three pairs of tiny leggings and some newborn sized hats! Looking forward to introducing our new addition soon.

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