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This DIY wrapping paper couldn’t be simpler and is perfect for some relaxed weekend crafting before the final Christmas countdown…

I bought my printing block from  The Arty Crafty Place – they have so many gorgeous traditional and contemporary designs to choose from, all handmade in India! You could also try using a rubber stamp or even carve your own printing block from a swede (more robust than the traditional potato apparently!)

I find the process of block printing so therapeutic and am definitely going to treat myself to some printing ink in the new year but I wanted to keep this project as frugal as possible so busted out the kids poster paint. I actually quite like the chalky, matt finish it gives! I was worried it might be quite flakey once dried but I’m happy to report that my gifts are wrapped and holding up well.

You will need…

Brown paper (beware of the super cheap roll – it’s worth paying a tiny bit more to get better quality paper. Mine is a 7 metre from WHSmith and does the job nicely)

Luggage labels

Foam mat

Plate or paint palette


Printing block

Step 1: Squirt a bit of paint onto your palette, dunk your sponge in and dab it about to spread the paint and remove the excess. Apply the paint to the printing block in a dabbing motion, making sure it’s completely covered.

Step 2: Manoeuvre your paper so that the foam mat is underneath and place your printing block onto the paper, painty side down. Press down carefully before lifting the printing block away (it helps to hold down the paper with your other hand for this bit).

That’s pretty much all there is to it. I recommend practicing on a scrap bit of paper to get a feel for how much paint to use and also how you want the pattern to repeat. Baring in mind you’ve got a lot of surface area to cover it’s a good idea to space the prints out a little! I like to offset my prints (a bit like building bricks) but you could stack them up vertically or turn the block upside down on every other row to make the overall print less directional.

You can repeat the above process using luggage labels for the gift tags – I kept everything black as it felt somehow more ‘printy’ but you could try a contrasting colour or introduce a different shaped printing block.

My top tip for the slickest Christmas wrapping is double sided tape! Make sure there are no raw edges of paper on display by folding them over twice, then invisibly seal from the inside with the tape for a nice, crisp finish (can you tell I’m a sewer at heart?).

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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