Easy to learn, difficult to master.

A couple of weeks back my good friend Anna and I spent a fun (if somewhat chilly) day at The Handmade Fair where we learned how to block print with The Arty Crafty Place!

I found the process so satisfying and instantly rewarding – it’s more difficult than it looks though. I treated myself to a few gorgeous Indian wooden printing blocks afterwards and have been enjoying experimenting at home. I started by using poster paint and paper to get a feel for the blocks – it’s amazing to see how the vibe of the pattern changes depending on how the prints are stacked.

I spent a happy evening making this tea towel but quickly realised that the Indian paisley print looks better a little more spaced out – I think I was trying to go for a 60’s swirly paisley vibe!

I’m looking forward to sharing some more of my block printing experiments soon!




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