I can’t believe my girl is two years old today! These toddler years are wild…


Orla’s so chatty and funny at this age – fond of exclaiming things like ‘I love it Birthdays!’. Sometimes she’ll just say ‘happy’ and do a little dance to herself. It’s brilliant watching her figure out how the world works – she says hello and goodbye to people we pass in the street but also to things like piles of builders sand. She wasn’t really vibing her cot so when we got back from Sweden the weekend before last we built her a big girl bed. Now every night at some point between midnight and 5 am she casually wonders into our room, cheerfully says ‘Hello Mummy!’ and climbs in with us. She has an absolutely iron will – if she can sense any kind of rushing or pressure to get ready and out of the door in the mornings she digs her heels in and then I find myself doing things like bribing her with Haribo before 9.00am (this happened this morning). I could talk about her all day! The cake above is a double decker lemon drizzle with plain buttercream in the middle, glace icing on top and a few lemon verbena leaves for decoration! Happy Birthday my darling!

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