I paid a flying visit to Paris a few weeks ago and had such a lovely time showing my Mum around…

We got ourselves an Air B&B just off the Rue des Martyrs and spent a fun 36 hours visiting the food shops, cafes and galleries and of course, walking all over the city! During the entire trip I got my camera out once and took this single photo… sometimes you just have to live in the moment I guess!

I do love those beautiful Parisian apartment buildings with their rectangular windows, shutters and Juliet balconies – when I got home and looked at my solitary photograph it reminded me of this beautiful print by Manuel Canovas. It’s called ‘Les Toits de Paris’ and is available as either cotton interiors fabric or wallpaper. I would use the fabric to make a little pin board with criss crossing ribbons or to cover a notebook. The wallpaper would look gorgeous in a tiny bathroom and you could use any leftovers to cover box files for your desk! It’s the kind of print that lets your imagination wonder.

‘Les Toits de Paris’ by Manuel Canovas – visit the Colefax and Fowler website for details!

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