For Me Made May this year I pledged to wear each item in my handmade wardrobe at least once! I would be lying if I said I managed it but I did learn a thing or two…

My Tilly And The Buttons Coco dress was hands down my most worn item – no surprises there. I’m definitely at a jersey point in my life right now so really need to whip up a few more of these. Printed cotton dresses are all very well but I really had to force myself to reach for these – I think I’m just into more of a stretchy, cosy vibe these days rather than more structured, woven clothes especially on my top half.

One of the biggest surprises were how many cosy winter jumpers I have knitted over the years! Five to be exact – one of them never made it out of the draw because quite frankly it’s terrible and that leads me to the question, do you ever re-visit the things you’ve made to improve them? I really want to get the balance right between keeping my sewing momentum going with new and exciting projects and making sure the things I have made are the best they can be.

One of my Liberty print dresses is a tad too long but otherwise perfect so I’ll definitely make time to re-hem it. The terrible jumper (or cardigan to be precise) presents more of a dilemma. What do you do with something that has taken an incredible number of hours to make, cost a fortune in premium yarn and just doesn’t quite work? Binning it and moving on Kon Mari style seems to go against everything my handmade wardrobe stands for but there’s no question that it’s a bummer having failed makes lurking at the back of the wardrobe.

Perhaps I’ll take a few snaps and let you decide?

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