I’m so happy with this jumper and so happy it’s finished! It took over a year and it needn’t have done but you know how it goes with knitting…



I love the firm and bobbly texture of this yarn once it’s knit up and the boxy shape of the jumper means it hangs just perfectly. I also really love the neckline – it’s just a little bit loose and slouchy. This (now discontinued) incarnation of Rowan’s Tweed is interesting… it’s very weak and prone to withering out to nothing a couple of times per ball so despite it’s rugged appearance, I think I’ll have to take good care of this jumper. The pattern is fairly straight forward until you get to the fair isle yolk which is a real brain teaser! I found doing the reductions at the same time as following the chart really tough but I think that might be due to lack of sleep. I think this jumper would look lovely in a shetland wool too – something with a bit of texture. It’s also the perfect opportunity to play around with the colours – can you imagine a red and white one at Christmas time!

Pattern: Meredith Jumper from ‘Tweed’ by Rowan



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