A few weeks ago the lovely people at Nominette kindly reached out to offer me some custom made woven labels! Nominette are a Belgium company who have been making woven labels since 1920 – you can order your own custom labels along with name tapes, childrens ID bands and cute printed ribbon via their English website here!


There are different styles and sizes of label to choose from – I went for a straight forward 25mm label which folds under at each end but I also love the ones that fold in the middle and wrap back around themselves. With the fold over style you even have the option to add garment care symbols on the reverse which is a lovely touch and handy for anyone who makes clothes at home to sell! I like the simplicity of my flat labels though and love the way they look when they’re sewn in!

I also loved that I was able to use my logo on the labels – when it came to uploading my design the Nominette website was easy to use and the preview function gave me a really clear idea of how my logo would look once translated into stitches. You get the option to choose from different colours for the text and label background –  I couldn’t resist going for gold with my labels and I’m so glad I did! I love the metallic glint of the text against the clean white background, it really brings them to life!


A few days after ordering, my beautiful labels dropped onto the door mat, just in time to be used for a few pairs of toddler harems I’ve been busy working on. In case you were wondering why I’ve been quiet for the last couple of weeks, I have tentitively dipped my toe in the water of selling a few pairs of my MBJM harems. I made six pairs in total – this cute little grey and peach pair were the last ones to go out! I’m planning on taking another batch of orders at some point in the new year but for now my labels and I are settling in for a long Winter of selfish sewing!


It was great to be able to proudly sew my own label into these little leggings before sending them out into the wide world but I’ll definitely use them for my own personal projects too. There’s something so satisfying about sewing my own label into something I’ve made myself and it makes the garment seem somehow more polished? Big thanks to Nominette – I will definitely be ordering more of their beautiful labels in the future!


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