Here’s an easy DIY that’s perfect to kick off the festive season! For those not already familiar with it, needle felting is the art of jabbing wool repeatedly with a tiny, barbed needle. As the little needle works it’s way in and out of the fibres, it gradually compresses and tangles them together so the wool becomes more and more compact. It’s suprisingly easy to mould the squishy wool into whatever shape you would like and oh so satisfying to do because it fuses together really easily – you can layer up the colours as much as you like and attach one shape to another with a few jabs of the needle. I’ve gone for a round robin here because it’s an easy shape to start with and cute too!

You will need…


  1. A handful of white wool
  2. A small bit of brown wool
  3. A smaller bit of red wool
  4. Needle felting needle
  5. Two black beads for eyes
  6. Needle for hand sewing
  7. Black thread to sew the eyes on with
  8. Fancy thread to make a loop

Step 1…

Roll the white wool around into your hand, working it into a rough ball. It will still feel fairly loose but as you jab it all over with the needle, it will gradually become a solid ball (really!). Just remember to rotate the wool regularly in your hand so that it felts evenly all over.

Step 2…

Grab your brown wool and tease one end into a point. Use your left hand to place it on the white ball and hold it in position while you jab it a few times with the needle to secure. This point will be the robin’s beak.

Step 3…

Shape the brown wool up in an arch either side of the beak and felt into position. You can leave the remainder of the yarn at the back as a fluffy tail! Felt the brown wool across the robin’s back, head and beak, making sure all the edges are felted securely and neatly.


Step 4…

Take your red yarn (you’ll only need a tiny bit) and tease it out so it’s fluffy with no big lumps in the middle. Place it on the breast of your robin and felt into position. Try to make the edges of the red wool quite diffused so blends nicely.

Step 5…

Sew on the eyes and watch your round robin come to life!DSC_0639_edited-3


Finished! You can trim the tail fibres if need be then your robin is all ready to rock on the tree!

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