After much deliberation I’m about to cut into this beautiful piece of upholstery velvet I picked up at a House of Hackney sample sale months ago – it’s nearly a metre square but has a rectangular chunk taken out of each corner and cost £5 in the remnant bin. I’m making a cheery 60’s style A line mini using New Look 6106.

For the first time ever I’ve made a toile as this fabric is so precious and I wasn’t sure if I had enough. After shaving off a bit of seam allowance and some hem I can just squeeze in the front and back sections but will have to do a bit of patchwork for the waistband! As soon as I finished the toile I had a brainwave and realised that I don’t want this skirt to have pockets (as there’s enough going on with the amazing print and texture of the fabric) and that I could get rid of them by just sticking the skirt front and pocket yolk pattern pieces together and tracing the new cutting line. I’m also adding a lining to the skirt and have treated myself to some gorgeous Habotai silk lining fabric from Ray Stitch. 


Although I desperately want to finish this skirt so that I can start wearing it, I’m just doing a little bit at a time in the evenings here and there as I want it to be just right. I’ve got a knit project on the go too which I’ll talk about a bit later in the week and am really hoping I can get them both finished by the end of November!

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